How to choose your cushions

If your living room or bedroom decor needs a few additions, or if you want to spruce up your home quickly without redecorating everything, new throw pillow covers might be just the ticket. Without changing furniture, curtains or carpets, and even going near a can of paint, you can brighten up your space and breathe new life into it effortlessly.

Whether replacing existing cushion covers or starting from scratch, new, well-stuffed cushions thrown on a bed or sofa will make a big difference.

You can choose any fabric for the deco cushion covers you like, but we highly recommend linen cushion covers. Both elegant and timeless, these cushions are made of natural fabric, attractive and super soft to the touch, an invitation to lay your head there. It’s always wise to have things at home that combine beauty and practicality. Linen Deco Cushion Covers tick both boxes!

If you’re looking for a quick way to spruce up the home, here are some simple tips on choosing pink cushion covers – whether linen or another fabric – and creating a welcoming and stylish interior.

• Look around for inspiration. Your home is your best guide: choose tones and accents that complement or match your furniture, curtains or wall colours.

• Look for ideas. Instagram and Pinterest are full of fantastic home decor inspiration. And a glance at a decoration magazine will give you plenty of ideas. The key is to apply these ideas to your real life, choosing what will work for you. For example, even if a picture of pastel silk cushions looks beautiful, would they stand up to your kids and your pup playing on them?

• Define the look you are looking for. Minimalism is a hugely popular style, but we’ve noticed a slight retreat from the clean aesthetic that’s dominated for years. Great colours and more vivid patterns took precedence. If you are not ready to adopt this new trend, a few decorative silver cushion covers will gently keep your decoration up to date.

• Think about how you want to use your cushions. Are they purely decorative? Will you lay your head there at siesta time? Might you want to sit on it? Will they be used for different purposes? Choose washable, hard-wearing and easy-care cushion covers if the cushions are used permanently (for sleeping, sitting, supporting the back or playing with the children, etc.). Linen cushion covers are ideal for everyday life and add a special touch to a room. Choose expensive or synthetic materials if your cushions are meant for decorative purposes only.

Feel free to play with colours and patterns – mix them up! If you can’t decide which slipcovers to choose — burgundy red squares, grey rounds, or blue-striped rectangular ones, don’t necessarily go for just one style. The mixture of different cushions can be very successful. However, don’t forget to keep a continuity in the colour palette or the fabrics chosen to avoid too much confusion.

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