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Back in 2015, the East Bay Categorical in Oakland, California, uncovered a more insidious challenge with neighborhood social networks: racial profiling. The report targeted on Nextdoor’s «Crime & Safety» part, which is meant to operate as a web-based neighborhood watch. Unfortunately, people have been utilizing it to publish «suspicious activity» that wouldn’t have been almost as suspicious if the subject wasn’t black or sporting a hoodie.

When you owned a cab, however, you can then lease it out to different licensed drivers and take half of the lease money for every time your medallion was leased. Medallions belonging to different cab firms basically share the lease on the corporate title, the car used and the dispatch service, originally a radio service, then a digital interface. In other phrases there was a system that, for those who played your playing cards proper, even had a retirement bundle in-built, courtesy of the city. Uber doesn’t have a system apart from a bunch of finance sharks trying to make a killing by exploiting the desperate, and getting the gullible members of the shrinking middle class to purchase into the cool comfort of yet another killer telephone app, with out trying too deeply into the difficulty, or what the cool ass new tech shit has destroyed.

In 1975, Congress held inquiries into the clandestine operation often called MKULTRA, the code title for an umbrella operation masking 149 subprojects. Most of these were concerned with exploring new methods of chemical and psychological warfare. The Church Committee, the Senate group that held the inquiry, discovered little about the main points of the operations. The CIA maintained its normal silence — recordsdata had been destroyed, new directors had no information of outdated tasks.

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